• Lebanese Mloukhieh with chicken

    1. 4-6 boneless chicken breasts (each cut into three slices)
      1 onion peeled
      2 sticks of cinnamon
      10-15 black peppers
      3-4 bay leaves
      6 cups of water

    2. 10-15 big cloves of garlic peeled and squeezed
      3 tablespoons of powdered coriander
      3 tablespoons of chicken bouillon
      2 packages of frozen mloukhieh (minced)
      * which is usually found in oriental stores
      1 lemon

      Place all ingredients of part I in a pan and boil for at least half an hour or until chicken is cooked. Pass it through a sieve, in order to keep only the water and the chicken.
      Go to part II: Add the garlic, coriander and chicken bouillon. Let it boil for another 15 minutes. Finally add the frozen mloukhieh. When the mloukhieh melts and starts to boil, add the juice of one lemon and let it boil for a few minutes more.

    3. 1 big white onion (finely sliced) 2-3 lemons (squeezed)

      Slice the onion and cover it with lemon juice. Place in a small bowl. This is to add over the mloukhieh afterwards.

    4. 1 big pita

      Open the pita and put it in a warm oven: 250 degrees until it becomes brownish. Cut it into small pieces. This is also for later.

      Part III and IV can be prepared beforehand.

    5. Rice

      Soak a cup of rice in hot water until it becomes cold then you wash it well twice or 3 times to get out the starch. Then you fry a hand full of vermicelli in 2 tablespoon mazola oil and add the drained rice over the cool vermicelli with tsp of salt and 1 cups cold water (There should be at least 1" of water over the rice). Put it over the fire to boil on medium and when the water is almost dried, you put the fire off.

    You put some bread in the plate, cover it with mloukhieh, then add rice, then mloukhieh with chicken and finally, on top, some lemon juice with onion.



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