• Sweet Peas "Bazella ma rouz"

    Ingredients: (2 Servings)

    Lb of frozen peas
    1 potato (chopped) or 2 for 1 pound of peas
    1 or 2 carrots (chopped)
    onion (chopped)
    pound pieces of meat or meat cube of "bouillon"

  • (Real meat can be beef, chicken, or leg of lamb.) pinch or 1/2 tsp. salt
    tsp. Allspice
    pinch of cinnamon
    cup of rice /Uncle Ben's
    celery (chopped)

    Preparation of Rice Separately

    1. Soak rice in very hot water to remove starch
    2. Rinse with hand until water is clear and soak it until cooler and clear
    3. After draining the water put the rice in a medium size pan and add water over it until one finger of water is over the rice.
    4. spoon salt and 1 Tbs. of butter or margarine over the rice and cook with medium heat
    5. When it boils lower the heat and keep covered for 10 min.
      (water must be gone)
    6. Use wooden spoon where the water is and stir and if water is almost gone add pinch of cinnamon over the rice then turn off heat and leave it to settle.


    1. Get Big pan and put margarine and melt chopped onion small (fry until soft with 1 Tbs. of butter)

    Meat Preparation

    1. Take meat and fill with water in pressure cooker boil it uncovered when foam comes scoop it out and dispose of it. Wait till clear and close pressure cooker and put on med. heat until it whistle and then wait for 20-25 min. and then turn off heat and cool pressure cooker until metal piece goes down.
    2. Put meat and water w/butter and onion when onions become soft.
    3. Put regular cool water about 2 cups over soft onions and then add bouillon until it melts by breaking it and stirring or put in cooked meat.

    Vegetables Preparation

    1. Now add vegetables but leave out peas until the end when others are soft. Make sure carrots and celery are frozen in advance.
    2. Cook for 10 min. until they are soft on med. heat and then add of 8 ounce tomato sauce can and then put the peas in making sure the water is covering over the peas. (left over tomato sauce can be used for later by putting it in another container and spray Pam on top of the sauce and leave in refrigerator.)
    3. Cook all until it tastes well cooked and then add of salt and a pinch of Allspice on top, cinnamon optional. (Skip salt if you use bouillon).
    4. Cook it for a few minutes and make sure the peas don't over cook.
    5. Finally take your rice and put in a bowl and add the stew on top.

    Bon Appetit!


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