• Turnover Cauliflower " Makloubeh Zahra"


    whole cauliflower

    1 cup rice
    1 Tbsp Cumin
    Meat with a pinch of salt
    Bouillon with no salt
    chopped carrots
    chopped potatoes
    Mazola Oil

    Meat Preparation

    1. Take meat and fill with 1/2 water in pressure cooker boil it uncovered when foam comes scoop it out and dispose of it. Wait till clear and close pressure cooker and put on med. heat until it whistle and then wait for 20-25 min. and then turn off heat and cool pressure cooker until metal piece goes down.
    2. Put meat and water w/butter and onion when onions become soft.
    3. Put regular cool water about 2 cups over soft onions and then add bouillon until it melts by breaking it and stirring or put in cooked meat.

    Cauliflower Preparation

    1. Get one deep frying pan and put Mazola oil inside and heat until hot and then put small pieces of cauliflower in the pan.
    2. Wait until the cauliflower is lightly brown and then take them out to absorb on a towel.
    3. Bring large pan and then put water inside and put in your meat or put bullion and crush it up so it gets dissolved.
    4. Drain rice and put it in the boiling water with meat and make sure water is one finger over.
    5. Add the cauliflower next on top of food and add a pinch of salt
      ( if using real meat ) and a one Tbs.. of Cumin.
    6. Then put on med. heat and lower it if water begins to evaporate.
    7. When water is just about gone add cinnamon on top for flavor.

    Sandwich Preparation

    1. After frying the cauliflower add salt over it and then take some Cumin and sprinkle on top.
    2. Take out a piece of bread and put in the cauliflower and any other vegetables you prepared.

    Vegetables (optional)

    1. Fry two or three sticks of chopped carrots or potatoes after frying the cauliflower is done.

    Bon Appetit!


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