Peanut butter coockies Recipe 1
Apple Crisp Recipe 2
Algerian Couscous Recipe 3
Green Beans!! Recipe 4
Mejaddara Recipe 5
Moroccan Couscous with chicken Recipe 6
Moroccan Couscous-vegetarian Recipe 7
Rabbit Recipe 8
Rice Pudding Recipe 9
Lebanese Tajen Recipe 10
Hommos Recipe 11
Special Hommos Recipe 12
Mouloukhieh Recipe 13
Lebanese with chicken Recipe 13
Sweet Peas Recipe 14
Turnover Cauliflower Recipe 15
Zucchini Stew Recipe 16
Rice with yogurt sauce Recipe 17
Cheesecake Recipe 18
Coconut Cashew Basmati Rice Recipe 19
Beef Stroganoff Recipe 20
Szechwan Shrimps Recipe 21
Cici's Famous Potato Dish Recipe 22

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